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Start Impressing Your Peers with Rock and Pop Songs On Your Violin!

You don't need to be a musical genius!
Who else wants to learn rock violin in just a few days without being a musical genius or going to Juilliard?

Introducing ViolinRockStar Level I

Dear Future ViolinRockStar,

I know what you are going through with the violin. I've played traditional classical music, attended long orchestra rehearsals, and performed in recitals that were good but often lacked that exciting touch. It boiled down to the fact that I was playing etudes and sonatas that had little connection to mainstream. Sure, I enjoyed learning complex concertos and symphonies, but the amount of effort it takes to learn a simple, but popular tune is so much less and the rewards are so high that no wonder violin players today want to be a ViolinRockStar!

When I played a last minute popular song for a talent show, I was amazed at how much the audience loved it. I spent maybe 10 minutes practicing this song compared to the months and years I spent practicing concertos and the reward was STANDING OVATION from my peers versus a small, respectful applause from senior citizens at the local nursing home.

But now, with the ViolinRockStar Method, all you need is basic violin knowledge to learn these songs. If you can play a basic A major scale on the violin, then you are GOOD ENOUGH to learn the ViolinRockStar curriculum! It is SO MUCH easier than tackling on the Mendelssohn Concerto or even Vivaldi.

Start learning JerryC's reinvention of the Pachelbel's timeless Canon in D and other rock/pop songs now transcribed for violin by!


What you'll get in ViolinRockStar Level I in less than 5 minutes

Specially arranged violin transcriptions for beginner/intermediate level players to 14 violin songs in 54 pages:

As part of the ViolinRockStar Level I Curriculum, you can:

  • Watch and listen to 20+ videos of these popular rock and pop songs on the on the violin for free by clicking on the links above or visiting
  • 54 page ebook available immediate download

Preview the 1st song of this eBook for FREE:
Canon Rock Preview (Easy)
Canon Rock Preview (Expert)


1. Are these songs too difficult for me? How long will it take me to learn?

If you are intermediate level you can play most of these songs. The more difficult ones like Canon Rock and DragonForce will require more practicing. To make this easier for the Canon Rock, for example, we have created two versions: easy and expert--both of which are included in ViolinRockStar Book I. You can see a preview of the first page to get a sense of which version is better for you. JokerViolin performs the expert version but the easy version is also available.

How long it will take for you to learn depends on how much you want to learn this song and the effectiveness of your practicing. Beginners who have taken basic instruction from a basic elementary school music program should be able to play the easy version within a few months. Those with intermediate-advanced skills should be able to learn the expert version in 3-6 months. ViolinRockStar video tutorials specifically geared to CanonRock should help you more effectively practice and reach your performance goals faster.

2. I see JokerViolin plays with the electric violin. I have an acoustic violin. Can I still play it?

Yes. This piece sounds perfectly fine with an acoustic violin. The electric violin distortion and effects were minimally (some reverb) and were set to almost mimic a regular acoustic violin. Either instrument will work.

3. Why is Canon Rock so popular?
Because it blends a popular classical piece with modern day rock beats. The result is an innovative perspective on a song that has been around for hundreds of years and is popular in weddings especially. By learning Canon Rock you will set yourself aside from thousands of violinists who are trained only to play classical music and present yourself as different in a rock star way.

4. What opportunities do I have to perform this piece?
You can play this anywhere--post one on YouTube, play at your best friend's wedding, your school talent show, or just to impress your friends and family.

  Violin Rock Star  


Here's what previous buyers are saying:

"This eBook opened up my eyes as to what can be played on the violin! I can't believe I'm playing tunes that I hear from movies. Thanks so much for your arrangements!"

--Stephanie B, 31, Finance Professional

"I just played your arrangement of Canon Rock at my cousin's wedding and they absolutely loved it! They were so surprised the violin could be so cool. I've already gotten invitations for other gigs to play the same song!"

--Andrew P, 27, Violin Hobbyist

"I played coldplay at our school music show and it was incredible! Now the rest of my school wants to play violin!"

--Christine, 13, Middle School Violin student

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So what is your investment to make something special out of your interest in the violin?

You get all of this for just $25. Much less than the cost of a semester-long violin course at a college or several private lessons--that will never teach you these songs. It's the best $25 you'll ever spend as a violinist!

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Includes 14 specially arranged violin songs in 54 pages

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