ViolinRockStar Video Tutorials VS Private Lessons

ViolinRockStar Video Tutorials Private Lessons
Songs You Will Learn

Learn cool rock and pop HIT songs NOW

  • Cliffs of Dover
  • Through Fire and Flame (DragonForce - Hardest Song on Guitar Hero)
  • Enter Sandman (Metallica)
  • He's A Pirate (Pirates of the Caribbean)
  • Theme from Titanic
  • Twinkle Twinkle
  • Classical Baroque Music
  • Minuets
  • Technically complex concertos

$25 for introductory song that you can learn in a few days

  • step-by-step walk through of 10 songs (including new videos as requested by our users)
  • basic beginner instruction
  • email access to ViolinRockStar founders for any questions you have or tips on specific passages you need help with

$50 per lesson
x 52 weeks per year
= more than $2500 per year

Convenience Learn at convenience of your own home Travel time to teacher wasted (estimated 30min - 1hr back and forth)
Performance Opportunity ViolinRockStar package includes background music just like karaoke for you to jam and perform with. All you need is an mp3 player. Limited by availability of a piano accompanist
Instruction Quality ViolinRockStar musicians are nationally ranked and understand how to achieve results without spending too much time effort. We stress QUALITY over quantity. Depends on the instructor
Sheet Music Includes self-transcribed sheet music for those who know how to read sheet music to follow along. Sheet music costs typically cost $5-$15 per song on top of private lesson fees

If you are taking private lessons, that's great. But we want to introduce to you our Violin Rockstar curriculum and our practice techniques. If you've learned Suzuki or if you're done learning classical music, this is the ultimate way to make that transition into popular rock/pop and movie soundtrack music.

We recommend that if you are around Suzuki Level 2 or 3 you can transition to our Lower Intermediate level songs (ie Britney Spears Baby One More Time, Final Fantasy X Sad Violin Tune)